- made muh teeth itch..
Published on December 21, 2010 By Phoon In Object Desktop

Thought I would share a very strange thing that just happend to me with Windowblinds.

I was 1 version behind on and had not updated on Impulse yet.

Downloaded Avante blind. As it was extracting, all of the files in the blind appeared on my ( redirected ) desktop.

BTW, I HATES Icons on my desktop... but I digress...

Being a noble sport about the whole thing I promptly hit CTRL-A then SHIFT-DEL and presto! All those nasty desktop icons are gone (even checked with my peripheral vision to be certain..)

Here is where my teeth started to itch... It deleted the c:\users\public\Public Documents\Stardock and skincast folders as well.

I've since updated with Impulse and now have a freshly stocked folder with the default themes. Will try downloading another blind after the reboot.

( Win7 Ultimate x64, IE8 )


on Dec 21, 2010

Moved to support.


on Dec 21, 2010

After a reinstall/update through impulse it all works again. Just a freak incident..

on Dec 21, 2010

Dang, Phoon, hate to hear that, my friend. I hope my blind didn't muck it up....haven't had any bad feedback on it.

on Dec 21, 2010

i dont think your blind did it navigatsio, i've since redownloaded it and everything went smooth. Twas an odd thing indeed.

on Dec 21, 2010

Must have been that Lunar Eclipse...

on Dec 21, 2010

Either that or it got hit by an Ursid.

on Dec 21, 2010

Do you use fences?

on Dec 21, 2010


Not on this system. Just Winstep Extremes Workshelf