Published on July 24, 2011 By Phoon In Object Desktop

Using the new method of downloading and installing your apps.

DesktopX Pro 3 is SUPPOSED to be v 3.50.018, however the actual file downloaded is 4.00.017. Please fix this as I refuse to use that worthless version.

The non-pro version is the correct download however.


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on Jan 05, 2012

Almost the same as walking in the door without any pants on.  Not quite, but almost...
That would surprise no one . .  for almost any Stardockian.  {However shoes are requiered and mesh tank-tops are NOT allowed.}

on Jan 05, 2012



they are probably also required...

on Jan 06, 2012

You been taking classes, ain't you Zu?

Guess not.  Fluke, apparently.

on Jan 06, 2012

FYI: There was an issue with the 3.5 Standard installer with OD serials.  There is now no longer an issue.  New installer available for anyone that needs it.

on Jan 06, 2012

Thanks !