multiplicity version 3.0 KVM Pro Build 00055

Win 8.1 Enterprise x64


On secondary system, I do not get a mouse cursor displayed unless there is a mouse actually connected to the system. Is this normal behavior?

on Aug 29, 2014

That is normal for Windows 8.  Microsoft in their infinite wisdom broke the standard OS behaviour having fixed it back in XP I think.

There is a setting in Multiplicity on the secondary to show a fake cursor.  Usually Multiplicity would detect this and prompt you to enable that setting.

on Aug 29, 2014

Ah... duh.. If I just would have looked I'd have seen that.

Yes that fixed the issue.

Thanks Neil!!

on Aug 29, 2014

On a similar topic, I have Multiplicity 3 KVM and it is supposed to allow me two PCs in KVM mode, but I get an error that only allows one.


Windows7 64 bit.


Can ya help me, Neil?   I have submitted a ticket, BTW.











on Aug 29, 2014

It's because the name of your pc, spelled backwards is GIR-ISM. Now, I'm not completely up on my 'ISM's but I reckon that MP is pissed off due to the GIR of the ISM. If you were to have a more creative name, like SHP-SKN or STMP-HMPR it might see the reality of the operator a bit better and realize that it needs to take extra sensitive measures to avoid having KYJLLY smeared on it's keys and monitor.


Glad to help out ol Friend!!!