A bit of information for you to aid in your troubleshooting (if needed).

ISSUE: Chrome Browser using either FVD Speed Dial, or Speed Dial 2 (perhaps more) your thumbnails become skewed and distorted upon refreshing them.


After having spent the last 2 days sobbing uncontrollably over my keyboard trying to find a solution for this problem I happened upon a thread somewhere that solved it.

Don't waste your time uninstalling apps, checking video drivers, etc. The problem is in the latest version of Chrome.
Mine is at Version 26.0.1410.43 m.

I installed Chrome Canary and the problem is not present. Unfortunately, Roboform does not work with Canary. That is a no-go for me as I rely on Roboform heavily.

In any case, word has it that if you wait a few days that the next Chrome update will fix the issue.

on Apr 02, 2013

Good tip, now go dry out your keyboard.

on Apr 06, 2013

you are my hero of the day 

on Apr 06, 2013

OK, now it gets strange.

I uninstalled Canary and that fixed the issue. Google hasn't updated Chrome yet.

Perhaps installing Canary added something that got left behind in the uninstall.

Anyhow, it's worth a shot to see if it fixes it for you too!